Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the lessons?

We are based in at different locations in both Brighton and Hove (Henry near Palmeira Square, Hove; Dan, near Preston Park, Brighton) and teach from well equipped home studios with large databases of music and learning resources.

When do you teach?

Between the BGL tutors we cover 9.00am to 9.00pm seven days a week.

How young can a student begin?

Children can start playing guitar at a very young age, but our lessons and teaching style is better suited to children who are eight years old and older.

What guitar should I buy for a beginner?

A beginner’s acoustic guitar can be bought for around £80 and an electric and amp package for £100-150. Please feel free to ring us or email and we can recommend some makes and places to get good deals.

Do you teach classical and flamenco guitar?

No, we teach every style apart from these specialist styles.

Do I have to read music?

No. We can teach you to read stave music if the type of playing you want to do would benefit from it but most rhythm and lead guitar can be taught through simple forms of guitar notation and listening exercises.

How many lessons does it take before I’ll be able to play?

This question is the hardest one to answer. You’ll be playing a piece, albeit a simple piece, after your first lesson. Different students learn at different speeds and certain styles are easier to master than others. Guitarists, no matter how long they have played for, always feel like there is still so much more to learn!

How often should I have lessons?

In an ideal world, beginners would have lessons on a weekly basis. However, weekly lessons are quite an expense over a month and people who work full time and/or have families can find it hard to find enough time to practice between weekly lessons. For this reason we offer weekly or fortnightly lessons and you should bear in mind these factors before deciding what is right for you. Established players can still benefit from weekly lessons but may also want to consider fortnightly or even occasional lessons. We can talk you through the options.

Do I need to own a guitar before I start?

No, you can come to us for your first lesson or two and borrow a guitar for the lesson. Some people prefer to do this just to see if they are going to take to it. If you want to continue past this stage, however, you’ll need your own guitar. Without consistent practice at home, your playing would not progress from lesson to lesson.

How much practice should I do?

This depends on how fast you want to progress. We think that absolute beginners practicing three or four times a week for about half-an-hour are doing enough to push their playing forward. Of course established players and some beginners will want to do much more than this but, at first, and especially if you’re playing a steel string guitar, you’ll be limited by how much your fingers can take!